Monday, November 16, 2009

A plane smaller than a subway / bus an experience for sure

No matter how much I've flown by air in my whole life, I can never get over the feeling that the airplanes tail would hit the ground as it soars into the sky. The feeling seems to grow stronger and deeper as I get older. It’s funny how I imagine moments or scenes almost like they would be in a Tom and Jerry cartoon; I guess it’s because of the animator in me or admitting that I have seen just too many cartoons as a kid and as an adult. The truth is I just can’t get over the creativity and the ideas in them.

I am writing this entry as I sit in the plane I have boarded to Michigan from New York which managed to remain in one piece even as it took off. Now let me take a minute and describe this plane to you. It’s definitely the smallest plane I have been on with dimensions close to 20m*2m*2.25m. To high lighten the size without any exaggeration if an average statured person stood with his arms wide open he would touch the sides of the plane with his head barely away from the top. And to underscore my experience of this journey I flew just at the perfect time when half of the flights were delayed and other canceled on account of the generousness of the weather. And sitting there I ask myself why today also as I get nausea's more because of my fears and a little bit because of the claustrophobia.

It’s funny how at such times you tend notice the things that you would least pay attention to. As the plane set on the run way it seems like the airplane was more like a car turning, I could precisely imagine myself driving it and while it took off I realized that I could accurately calculate the angle of inclination, gosh that was weird. While it cruised up in the altitudes I could feel every bump every time it pierced through the clouds. The constant shivering was also something that never went unnoticed.

No matter what I did and how hard I tried I could not distract myself , the maximum successful time that killed was while writing this entry which was about 10 min, but what next was the bigger question. And just at this perfect split second another thought struck me and that was that I had to board the same plane back to NYC and my heart silently shouted ”god save me”.


  1. wohaa... thats too smaal a plane for you and me also to fit in... ;).. no wonder why you felt this..

  2. Oh my God! The thing with the tail hitting the ground as the plane takes off, that's EXACTLY how I feel every time. It keeps going over and over in my mind, this doesn't make sense, why would this contraption stay in the air? Just doesn't make sense!