Tuesday, April 27, 2010

exploring the blue waters...

Such spectacular views makes me want to go to the great barrier reef (australia) even more strongly. I envisage being in the deep blue waters with the endless horizons, colorful reefs, the tiny fishes and the sea anemones. I wish at times that if mermaids were true, id be one surrounded by the implicit beauty of the oceans and discovering endless beings and creature, each so unique and stunning.

california coastlines

Monday, April 19, 2010

the sandy beach...

I love to walk on a beach especially when i can feel the sand in between my toes, its relaxing. A lot of people love the endless walks on the beach especially during sunset or sunrise when the suns light gives the water and sky a warm coloration. In addition i am fond of standing in the water when a wave comes, the feeling of sinking in the sand, the lightness, the water everything is so dazzling. Have you ever tried playing with the waves, run along the shore trying to run closer and away from them; its definitely entertaining and you can feel the waves responding back to you. But the waves are powerful and my physical capacities cannot surpass their speed so i tend to lose often in the run. 
It amazing how these high intensity raging waters can give such a feeling of tranquility and calmness. I wonder  how some people are not perplexed by the beauty of nature and the creations of god. My reasons are I am an enthusiast who totally admires God's creativity.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the tiny ones... sardines

A polroid click of the sardines in the monterey bay aquarium.

Sardines are one of my favorite fishes, its a simple small fish that is silver seemingly innocent and pure, it has no personality really, no stories to tell, no flashy colors to attract people; that's why people tend to ignore its existence mostly. 
What fascinates me most is the way they move together as a school and very recently came across a very interesting fact. At any particular time when we feel all the sardines are moving in the same direction there are about 15-20% of them who are moving against the flow causing friction for the rest and that causes the rest of the school to move in that particular direction. Thinking about more i realized the lesson this little one leave for us and that is in life we can be the 15-20 percent that could bring a bigger change in the picture despite the fact that we may be no one famous or known, just one in the crowd but together we can make anything happen.
PS: i am a fish lover and it makes me wonder how these taste :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

the lush greens

A long drive to Santa cruz and Monterey. A perfect day, a pack of Polaroids and an amazing drive along the ocean with the view of water all along, the soaring waves and the cool breeze; i can just say it cant get any better. California in the months of lush green rolling hills is a sight i had not witnessed in the eight months of my stay earlier and certainly it is really soothing. I am waiting for a opportunity to wander on these hills waiting to get lost in the middle of nowhere, where i can lie on the green grass with the sight of the voluminous, fluffy clouds above me and the sun shining upon me. I don't think i have ever noticed clouds so much before this, one thing i love these days is the setting sun and colors of the sky, every day is a mixture of different hues each so very beautiful. But certainly it wouldn't be any fun without the company of my lovely cameras to document it. 

Above is a series of three pictures i took during the drive.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Its crimson tonight

In preparation of setting up my shop... comments on pieces are welcome... I hope to learn and improve with every suggestion.