Monday, April 19, 2010

the sandy beach...

I love to walk on a beach especially when i can feel the sand in between my toes, its relaxing. A lot of people love the endless walks on the beach especially during sunset or sunrise when the suns light gives the water and sky a warm coloration. In addition i am fond of standing in the water when a wave comes, the feeling of sinking in the sand, the lightness, the water everything is so dazzling. Have you ever tried playing with the waves, run along the shore trying to run closer and away from them; its definitely entertaining and you can feel the waves responding back to you. But the waves are powerful and my physical capacities cannot surpass their speed so i tend to lose often in the run. 
It amazing how these high intensity raging waters can give such a feeling of tranquility and calmness. I wonder  how some people are not perplexed by the beauty of nature and the creations of god. My reasons are I am an enthusiast who totally admires God's creativity.

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