Friday, May 28, 2010


While my flight got delayed on my way back from new york i strolled in the airport stores. And as always i ended checking out the MUJI store. I found this amazing thing that i just couldnt stop myself from buying, i was so tempted. Then yesterday i opened it up.
Let me tell you a little more about the brand. MUJI is simplicity - but a simplicity achieved through a complexity of thought and design. It emphasizing earth-friendliness, the use of innovative materials, and efficient packaging for reduced cost.  Their guiding principle is flexibility, providing the savvy customer with products that are beautiful, useful, and essential "objects for living."
So here is what i bought, a shirt and a scarf. I have just opened the shirt and i don't think i am going to open the scarf because it is just so impressive and there is no way to pack it back into the stunning packaging. The dimension of the shirt was a cube of 6cm  x 6 cm x 6 cm.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

love selflessly...

I recently have started working as an intern in redwood city and my office faces a correctional facility. As i wandered during lunch trying to explore the vicinity i came to a crosswalk where it was written with a chalk on the road" boo boo adam- mom and dad, love you" and i dint understand what that was. But inquisitive to know i asked a colleague later that evening and she told me an interesting fact. She said that the people wrote messages for their loved ones who were inmates in that facility since they knew they can see them from their windows. Iwas really touched and i felt the strength of ties and relations, of how we cant let go our loved ones no matter what; our family is always there by our side no matter what. I cant imagine the emotions and feelings of the person for whom the message is, i am certain they would be stirred.

I am proud to be born in a family where relations matter a lot and each one means a lot. The love and care is selfless, beyond words and just recently we were reminded of the the larger things in life. Life is not too fair at times, it gets tough but its important  that you keep your belief and faith and its certainly important that you finish strong.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Weird Faire (HWF)

Dance and music staged in the backdrop of skyscrapers and high-rises, djs playing cosmic music with people bouncing in the middle of the streets, it cant get better. The event happened on the intersection of Howard and Second, a road i took everyday to work for 6 months but never did it seem to have so much fun and flare to it. Recently having moved from new york i missed the craziness there and this was the perfect place to fulfill my cravings for the crazy. The event was much like a hippie circus, girls in fishnet stockings with tonnes of make-up, men with leather fetishism dressed in the tightest leather pants with their bottoms hanging out, some in bell- bottoms while others in the tightest jackets. The theatrical costumes, techno music, Bollywood songs, Bhangra, vendors, beer and a reel to reel bus were all a part of the merriment. I always enjoy a bolt of activism to galvanize my life. Slowly i am getting to know SF and i think it has an originality, character, color and culture that i am starting to like.


Sorry for not having written for such a long time, my crazy schedule left me with no time and energy to focus on my creative pursuits.
This blog entry is to thank dear Schauleh for writing about me in her blog. I am obliged and inspired to make more interesting pieces this week. Id also love to share her blog with you called Bouclé. The name certainity reflects her as she states Bouclé stands for a French for the girl with the curls. I loved her designs and am certain ill be seeing many more.