Monday, August 16, 2010

food of the gods... certainly irresistable...

cannot be more indian

Often you come across things that just amaze you and make you think of the cleverness and creativity of the designer. Whenever i come across such unique interesting items i like to share them.
Take a minute and think what would be the weirdest mint flavor you have ever had. I came across an odd flavor called the "CURRY FLAVOR". The taste of it was certainly the after taste of indian curry but certainly not a flavor i would like to feel in my mouth and definitely not a refreshing one. The packaging also was interesting and added on to the identity of the product.

saving money for real causes. :)

An example of how a simple idea could be made much more interesting. I am sure everyone would want a piggy bank for themselves after seeing this.
 And my own personal jar for a real big cause.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

brag about it...

I beleive in gifts that remain with you forever, making one remember that moment in their life when they received it. I save all my gifts and each means a lot to me coz they have so many memories attached to them they are almost my memorabilia.
I recently got in touch with this charming lady who makes some personalized gifts. Her work is just amazing, to top it all the love and affection that she puts in carving each piece certainly is transmitted to the person receiving the gift. You definitely must check out her shop on Etsy. The link is
Get something made from her and you'll believe every word i say.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Romanticism ...

Sausalito is a charming bay side neighborhood lined with boutiques, galleries, and plenty of restaurants slightly north of San Francisco. I wandered happily on the streets gazing at the property lines and flower boxes, the patio furniture and thinking of the amazing views from the houses up there. Its a place that has a romantic aura to it where i could see myself walking hand in hand, stopping to sip coffee or have some ice-cream. The visible skyline of San Francisco adds to the romanticism, its just the most amazing view and i wonder  how beautiful it would be to see lights fade into the dusk over Alcatraz and the Angel Island on a clear day.
The designer stores and galleries can keep me occupied forever. One gallery that caught me a bit because of my recent fascination to learn salsa was an artist who oil paints tango scenes they are intense and expressive. Seeing those paintings i see myself floating through life in gentle rhythmic swirl. Another fascination i have is house boats, i wish i could own one some day and take it in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but water.

balance and harmony

I saw an assemblage of stones balanced carefully on top of each other in Saulsalito, CA. The first time that i saw it i took it to be fraudulent to my eye they seemed to be cemented to one another, until is actually witnessed the artist making they the next time i went there. Balancing is play almost like dance. The stones rest in harmony upright against gravity, balancing on a small tip; preventing toppling forward fall. And then, of course, there is beauty in this craft. The artist who does this is called Bill Dan and you could also check his blog to see some other magnificent work.
I was also reminded of the artist  Andy Goldsworthy whose art involves the use of natural and found objects, to create both temporary and permanent sculptures which draw out the character of their environment.