Thursday, November 26, 2009

my favorite jewelery findings from the flea market

I love the ice cubes here in particular
People who know me would also know my innate love for jewelry. Above are my favorites out of the pieces i picked from the flea market, The first is a travel charm bracelet and the other piece is designed pendant by a lady who does a lot of similar work and i totally love each one of them. Only if i could own them all....

Brooklyn flea market

The joy of going to a flea market on a Saturday evening in the summer is one thing you should not miss because often you end finding great treasures there. Its a plethora with small knickknacks to huge antiques. I enjoy going to a flea though i could only go there about three times this summer, half the times being a little lazy and the other half not going with the fear of spending money on things that are totally not desired, especially in case of shortage of funds. Its especially hard on me being almost a compulsive shopper, rarely do i come home empty handed, and rarely do people going shopping with me come empty handed.. Jewelry is what lures me most, the designs are novel though mostly overpriced. Often the bargaining skills gained back home do come handy. Now with me the problem is if i like something i want it, id try to get the price down and even pose that i am not spending one penny more but towards the end i am taken down by my emotions and end up buying it at the same price. For people who collect antiques and vintage items this is the place to be. I just wish i had a house so that i could buy some of the marvelous furniture items, but being an international student that is my last preference for now also because of the uncertainty of where id be settling.



Friday, November 20, 2009


Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.  ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Sitting idle at work where i almost get paid for surfing, i spent a little bit of my precious time doing nothing by looking out of the window just noticing stuff. The leaves, the bark, the library that stands in front of me, the sculptures, the students walking, their clothes in particular and anything that catches my glance.

Today i sat noticing the few leaves that still clung to the branches as the wind made them waver crazily. Soon the wind will conquer and gain victory over the leaves and finally take them to ground. Now this is where i pick them from and pin these different leaves on my board.

So while surfing i stumbled upon this project by Christoph Niemann and i think now this is creativity.


Monday, November 16, 2009

signature lounge

The best view of Chicago downtown at night is from the Signature Lounge in the John Hancock center to add on it has no entry fee. But the big joke here is that the best view of the city from this floor is from the window in the ladies room. And believe me when i say this because i have seen both. If your a guy whose reading my blog i would empathize its beauty and also sympathize with you as you will never get to witness this spectacle.

A friend questioned me how i was so sure that the mens room dint have a similar view as well to that i would say no it doesn't. The reason for my certainty and how i know it for sure is because on our boat tour the guide acknowledged the fact and seeing me nod in approval he goes "this is the 106th head count that I've got to this statement". So i guess i am right.

state of awe + cloud gate

It's like the antithesis of huge buildings, being a great gathering spot that people can interact with. It's the quintessential symbol of the city.

The 'Bean' is absolutely worthy of the appreciation it has received. On any day, it would be a singular experience to walk by (and particularly, through). You've might seen a lot of pictures of it, and might have wondered , "is it really that pretty" but there is not one picture that does justice to how it looks when you're actually there.

I totally commend Anish Kapoor for this amazing state of art that seems to be sitting there with such a larger than life attitude. Its one of those rare sculptures that will never get old, mostly for the people watching from the groups of prom-goers having their photos taken to the tourists doing handstands, feet on the bean, the crowds never fail to amuse.

PS :The underside of the bean is the best part, where the images get all swirled and beautiful and amazing. I am sure if you stand underneath it and spin around it'll be the worst hangover.

A plane smaller than a subway / bus an experience for sure

No matter how much I've flown by air in my whole life, I can never get over the feeling that the airplanes tail would hit the ground as it soars into the sky. The feeling seems to grow stronger and deeper as I get older. It’s funny how I imagine moments or scenes almost like they would be in a Tom and Jerry cartoon; I guess it’s because of the animator in me or admitting that I have seen just too many cartoons as a kid and as an adult. The truth is I just can’t get over the creativity and the ideas in them.

I am writing this entry as I sit in the plane I have boarded to Michigan from New York which managed to remain in one piece even as it took off. Now let me take a minute and describe this plane to you. It’s definitely the smallest plane I have been on with dimensions close to 20m*2m*2.25m. To high lighten the size without any exaggeration if an average statured person stood with his arms wide open he would touch the sides of the plane with his head barely away from the top. And to underscore my experience of this journey I flew just at the perfect time when half of the flights were delayed and other canceled on account of the generousness of the weather. And sitting there I ask myself why today also as I get nausea's more because of my fears and a little bit because of the claustrophobia.

It’s funny how at such times you tend notice the things that you would least pay attention to. As the plane set on the run way it seems like the airplane was more like a car turning, I could precisely imagine myself driving it and while it took off I realized that I could accurately calculate the angle of inclination, gosh that was weird. While it cruised up in the altitudes I could feel every bump every time it pierced through the clouds. The constant shivering was also something that never went unnoticed.

No matter what I did and how hard I tried I could not distract myself , the maximum successful time that killed was while writing this entry which was about 10 min, but what next was the bigger question. And just at this perfect split second another thought struck me and that was that I had to board the same plane back to NYC and my heart silently shouted ”god save me”.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gotham city at its best.

See all the stars – so fine tonight…
Shots of the night- I love New York.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Have you ever picked up something from the ground which you happened to see as you were passing by. Well i have, tons of times not really being bothered of what people would thinking of me collecting trashy tit- bits. Being in an art school this is way easier now as i have an explanation of all crazy acts "oh that's for my project at school" and being creative enough to make a story but thatch only if someone asks which is rare though.

One evening on my way back from work, i walked back looking at the beautiful leaves that lay on the ground and was really fascinated by their colors and shapes. Since its fall leaves are all over the ground but often you see some that seem more beautiful than other and stand out in the lot. I collected as many different sizes and colors that i could as long as i dint have any hands left for more. Enamored by their beauty i saved them in a book and later put them on the board in my room, it vividly reflects God's creativity , detail and preciseness in even the smallest thing that he has put on this planet for us to enjoy this variety and beauty.