Monday, November 16, 2009

signature lounge

The best view of Chicago downtown at night is from the Signature Lounge in the John Hancock center to add on it has no entry fee. But the big joke here is that the best view of the city from this floor is from the window in the ladies room. And believe me when i say this because i have seen both. If your a guy whose reading my blog i would empathize its beauty and also sympathize with you as you will never get to witness this spectacle.

A friend questioned me how i was so sure that the mens room dint have a similar view as well to that i would say no it doesn't. The reason for my certainty and how i know it for sure is because on our boat tour the guide acknowledged the fact and seeing me nod in approval he goes "this is the 106th head count that I've got to this statement". So i guess i am right.


  1. simply awesome pics.. your night photography is too good.. :).. keep it up..

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  3. Awesome clicks ma' seams like an opening shot of some hollywood movie ;)