Friday, November 6, 2009


Have you ever picked up something from the ground which you happened to see as you were passing by. Well i have, tons of times not really being bothered of what people would thinking of me collecting trashy tit- bits. Being in an art school this is way easier now as i have an explanation of all crazy acts "oh that's for my project at school" and being creative enough to make a story but thatch only if someone asks which is rare though.

One evening on my way back from work, i walked back looking at the beautiful leaves that lay on the ground and was really fascinated by their colors and shapes. Since its fall leaves are all over the ground but often you see some that seem more beautiful than other and stand out in the lot. I collected as many different sizes and colors that i could as long as i dint have any hands left for more. Enamored by their beauty i saved them in a book and later put them on the board in my room, it vividly reflects God's creativity , detail and preciseness in even the smallest thing that he has put on this planet for us to enjoy this variety and beauty.

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  1. we never doubted your observation skills n creativity.. nice collection.. :)