Monday, November 16, 2009

state of awe + cloud gate

It's like the antithesis of huge buildings, being a great gathering spot that people can interact with. It's the quintessential symbol of the city.

The 'Bean' is absolutely worthy of the appreciation it has received. On any day, it would be a singular experience to walk by (and particularly, through). You've might seen a lot of pictures of it, and might have wondered , "is it really that pretty" but there is not one picture that does justice to how it looks when you're actually there.

I totally commend Anish Kapoor for this amazing state of art that seems to be sitting there with such a larger than life attitude. Its one of those rare sculptures that will never get old, mostly for the people watching from the groups of prom-goers having their photos taken to the tourists doing handstands, feet on the bean, the crowds never fail to amuse.

PS :The underside of the bean is the best part, where the images get all swirled and beautiful and amazing. I am sure if you stand underneath it and spin around it'll be the worst hangover.


  1. what to say.. i have seen so many pics of this bean.. but these are different from them.. they give a new perspective to this sculpture.. its good to see it from these angle.. i never knew it would look like this also.. great job.. :)

  2. I like the way u commenced the article.....antithesis portion .....and gr8 pics....;)