Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brooklyn flea market

The joy of going to a flea market on a Saturday evening in the summer is one thing you should not miss because often you end finding great treasures there. Its a plethora with small knickknacks to huge antiques. I enjoy going to a flea though i could only go there about three times this summer, half the times being a little lazy and the other half not going with the fear of spending money on things that are totally not desired, especially in case of shortage of funds. Its especially hard on me being almost a compulsive shopper, rarely do i come home empty handed, and rarely do people going shopping with me come empty handed.. Jewelry is what lures me most, the designs are novel though mostly overpriced. Often the bargaining skills gained back home do come handy. Now with me the problem is if i like something i want it, id try to get the price down and even pose that i am not spending one penny more but towards the end i am taken down by my emotions and end up buying it at the same price. For people who collect antiques and vintage items this is the place to be. I just wish i had a house so that i could buy some of the marvelous furniture items, but being an international student that is my last preference for now also because of the uncertainty of where id be settling.




  1. Didnt read your blog, but must say 'beautiful pictures'...good going

  2. hey great pics.. and nice blog.. its good to learn about that place especially from sm1 we know.. , keep writin':)

  3. oh my gosh, I would have gone off the
    deep gazing upon all those lovely owls - want!