Monday, November 2, 2009

craziness+fancydress-thats halloween

Halloween and the tradition of illogical dressing. I went to a Halloween costume store last year and all you could find are costumes made of cheap fabric and fits, that are unimaginative, and often offensive to one group or another. They are shinny fat suits, black make-ups, wigs red, blue and green, many fictitious characters, demons and the ugliest individuals that you can find.

New york Halloween parade is one gigantic event that happens in new york and a place to witness all the craziness that can be. Bodacious males parading around in long wigs and gigantic fake breasts, because that’s there idea of a woman, without much care for how the people they imitate may feel. But more often you see costumes that play on stereotypes, or fantasies, and allow people to become someone they normally wouldn’t be. Girls in particular can be seen going out of the way to do what can be called "slutting it up" and embracing the inner hooker in them just because it was Halloween, whatever that means. In many cases, on Halloween women readily objectify themselves, men become sleazy archetypes as well. I don't think i could ever take this scantily clothed route and wear such outfits also as i still don't know how to respond to that.

Does this mean Halloween is the day when everything unacceptable and typically considered crass is acceptable? Or is this day about the immorality that is itching to be released ?

I guess sometimes things just are what they are. If you don’t like it, and look away or look at the brighter things but you have to play along. Personally i enjoy this day a lot because of the craziness though just hoping the craziness would be more towards creativity than the weirdness. It seems like a big fancy dress show or a play organized, a stage where every person has a role to play that is equally important. But one thing that i really appreciate about this day is the spirit of individuals and their willingness to participate in this feat, be it young, teen or old. So i hope each one of you had a great Halloween and as for me i became a bird of paradise, nothing big just something small i made in an hours time out of kite paper. But it dint last long since it rained in NYC on Halloween and the feathers got all wet and soaked and had to be shed away.

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