Sunday, February 28, 2010

The year of the tiger

The Chinese new year parade in San Francisco. A great place to capture the unending smiles, the cute kiddos in costumes, the vibrancy in color and in every step; definitely a great package of fun and frolic.
It was a huge riot of blazing reds and yellows, people lined up along the street to witness the spectacular parade.  An endless procession of their culture, huge floats all decorated and people dressed ready to pose, numerous tiger people doing the tiger dance of prosperity and good luck; welcoming the new year; "The year of the tiger".  Such events portray the creative and vibrant character of a city. The scale of the San Francisco parade was similar to the ones in New York minus the craziness seen and the diversity and weirdness; which i miss the most. But definitely such processions are a creative experience and inspiring in many ways

Missing the snow.

I was recently gifted the most amazing gift by my friends a Polaroid camera. As i left newyork i wanted to have some clicks while trying to use the film judiciously since i just had one pack. So i neede 10 perfect pictures. Taking good pictures with a Polaroid isn't as simple as a digital camera. Here is one of my efforts.I so totally love the snow image.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fly girl of the week

I would like to thank Andrea for including me in her blog and selecting me as the Fly girl of the week. Fly is a journal of all things beautiful, creative and inspirational, you are sure to find many interesting thing that will inspire you to be creative; it promotes and fosters imagination. Cheers to Andrea.

Check out her blog

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

once again.... the uniform project 
Innovation and creativity has no end. I was amused at the way my neckpiece was used as a headgear in the uniform project again. It looked even more beautiful this time, I so totally loved it. I am honored that my piece was chosen by designer Fredikkson to compile his complete look. Definitely gives me inspiration to get back to some more neckpieces.

the little one...

I recently moved to California to my aunts place. California has a beautiful weather and at this time of the year you see lush green rolling hills immensely serene and beautiful. But i definitely miss new york, no matter how dirty and untidy new york is it seems i cannot like California better. I hope as i get to know California more ill fall in love with it and find things that interest me. 
My aunts house is a hundred year old house and it has all these old statues that renders it a uniqueness. As i strolled in the garden a sight caught my eye. It was a little baby that floated in a pool of stagnant water at the base of another larger statue. As i came closer a little innocent cherub lay there. Though its just a statue made of clay yet it speaks for itself, there is an emotion to it, you can feel the pain, the lifelessness, a sense of sorrow in it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the adult outside...the kid within...

You cannot replace the fun you had as a kid. How the smallest things gave you utmost joy. If you've heard the laughter of a small kid u'll see its so pure and true, so full of the joy and an angelic expressions is priceless. Try being a kid at times beleive me each one has a longing for going back to those great times, the only difference is that some go back easily than others.I still find the kid inside me pops out often and overpowers me. The immense satisfaction i get as i destroy a clean patch of snow just because it looked so perfect, the springing pace everything adds a little more life, a little more joy. That's why my friends call me crazy but id rather be a kid than be a grown up.

PS: i recently tried making a snow angel, as you lie on the snow you feel your settling in cotton so soft and smooth the ice gives you a little chill but its perfect.

Monday, February 15, 2010

beauty of a word...

I love this sculpture and especially this day it seemed just so beautiful and mystical.
Hope everyone had a great valentines day with the people they love. 

Monday, February 1, 2010


There was a time when i use to draw a lot more than today. Ive almost left that though, back then i use to pen down my feelings, express what i felt at a moment in drawings. I don't do that anymore but i still find myself tracing my thoughts in some medium. This is a page from my scrap book that i made long back but is one of my favorites. How do you express yourself?

Fly away

Some interesting air plane pins that i picked from a store Army Barracks, in Boston.


Its an undeniably charming gift shop where you can find cute knickknacks and household gadgets. It’s all about cuteness here. Its a place you'd get enamored when you step in but this place definitely has some intelligent designs, though you may find some percent of the items that are nauseatingly colorful. The designs of the products are determined by the shape of the object and translations of animal shapes. Check out the website, the bunny scissors, the bird scissors, the dog cake servers are some great items.