Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the adult outside...the kid within...

You cannot replace the fun you had as a kid. How the smallest things gave you utmost joy. If you've heard the laughter of a small kid u'll see its so pure and true, so full of the joy and an angelic expressions is priceless. Try being a kid at times beleive me each one has a longing for going back to those great times, the only difference is that some go back easily than others.I still find the kid inside me pops out often and overpowers me. The immense satisfaction i get as i destroy a clean patch of snow just because it looked so perfect, the springing pace everything adds a little more life, a little more joy. That's why my friends call me crazy but id rather be a kid than be a grown up.

PS: i recently tried making a snow angel, as you lie on the snow you feel your settling in cotton so soft and smooth the ice gives you a little chill but its perfect.

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