Sunday, February 28, 2010

The year of the tiger

The Chinese new year parade in San Francisco. A great place to capture the unending smiles, the cute kiddos in costumes, the vibrancy in color and in every step; definitely a great package of fun and frolic.
It was a huge riot of blazing reds and yellows, people lined up along the street to witness the spectacular parade.  An endless procession of their culture, huge floats all decorated and people dressed ready to pose, numerous tiger people doing the tiger dance of prosperity and good luck; welcoming the new year; "The year of the tiger".  Such events portray the creative and vibrant character of a city. The scale of the San Francisco parade was similar to the ones in New York minus the craziness seen and the diversity and weirdness; which i miss the most. But definitely such processions are a creative experience and inspiring in many ways

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