Thursday, February 18, 2010

the little one...

I recently moved to California to my aunts place. California has a beautiful weather and at this time of the year you see lush green rolling hills immensely serene and beautiful. But i definitely miss new york, no matter how dirty and untidy new york is it seems i cannot like California better. I hope as i get to know California more ill fall in love with it and find things that interest me. 
My aunts house is a hundred year old house and it has all these old statues that renders it a uniqueness. As i strolled in the garden a sight caught my eye. It was a little baby that floated in a pool of stagnant water at the base of another larger statue. As i came closer a little innocent cherub lay there. Though its just a statue made of clay yet it speaks for itself, there is an emotion to it, you can feel the pain, the lifelessness, a sense of sorrow in it.

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