Friday, August 6, 2010

Romanticism ...

Sausalito is a charming bay side neighborhood lined with boutiques, galleries, and plenty of restaurants slightly north of San Francisco. I wandered happily on the streets gazing at the property lines and flower boxes, the patio furniture and thinking of the amazing views from the houses up there. Its a place that has a romantic aura to it where i could see myself walking hand in hand, stopping to sip coffee or have some ice-cream. The visible skyline of San Francisco adds to the romanticism, its just the most amazing view and i wonder  how beautiful it would be to see lights fade into the dusk over Alcatraz and the Angel Island on a clear day.
The designer stores and galleries can keep me occupied forever. One gallery that caught me a bit because of my recent fascination to learn salsa was an artist who oil paints tango scenes they are intense and expressive. Seeing those paintings i see myself floating through life in gentle rhythmic swirl. Another fascination i have is house boats, i wish i could own one some day and take it in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but water.

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