Friday, April 16, 2010

the lush greens

A long drive to Santa cruz and Monterey. A perfect day, a pack of Polaroids and an amazing drive along the ocean with the view of water all along, the soaring waves and the cool breeze; i can just say it cant get any better. California in the months of lush green rolling hills is a sight i had not witnessed in the eight months of my stay earlier and certainly it is really soothing. I am waiting for a opportunity to wander on these hills waiting to get lost in the middle of nowhere, where i can lie on the green grass with the sight of the voluminous, fluffy clouds above me and the sun shining upon me. I don't think i have ever noticed clouds so much before this, one thing i love these days is the setting sun and colors of the sky, every day is a mixture of different hues each so very beautiful. But certainly it wouldn't be any fun without the company of my lovely cameras to document it. 

Above is a series of three pictures i took during the drive.

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