Saturday, April 17, 2010

the tiny ones... sardines

A polroid click of the sardines in the monterey bay aquarium.

Sardines are one of my favorite fishes, its a simple small fish that is silver seemingly innocent and pure, it has no personality really, no stories to tell, no flashy colors to attract people; that's why people tend to ignore its existence mostly. 
What fascinates me most is the way they move together as a school and very recently came across a very interesting fact. At any particular time when we feel all the sardines are moving in the same direction there are about 15-20% of them who are moving against the flow causing friction for the rest and that causes the rest of the school to move in that particular direction. Thinking about more i realized the lesson this little one leave for us and that is in life we can be the 15-20 percent that could bring a bigger change in the picture despite the fact that we may be no one famous or known, just one in the crowd but together we can make anything happen.
PS: i am a fish lover and it makes me wonder how these taste :)

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