Wednesday, March 3, 2010

shoe fetish...

The term shoe fetish can often be associated with humor and is even over exaggerated. But the fact is we all love shoes, right? Some love them more than others like my cousin loves Jordan's, his room is a display of the shoes he owns. When i say display i mean serious display he has cabinets where he has displayed about twenty-five pairs of his shoes. He has a shelf above his bed that also has five pairs on them, i make fun of him that they'll fall on your face while your asleep. He loves shoes. So do i, not to that extent though. Shoes are an important part of a girls wardrobe and we can have as many as a hundred but yet be dissatisfied. As for me today i was bored and thought of some interesting photography subject so i picked shoes.


  1. thank you both and namrata thats you fav colour. :)

  2. r all these shoes urs ... if yes .. im stealing them the next time !