Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How important is the term FRIENDS in your life?

Every person has their own set of people they live by. For me i cannot live without friends, my energy comes from them. I have had the most amazing and memorable times with every one and each of them have an important role to play in my development. When i am with friends i am like a battery that does not get discharged, so full of life and energy. I could easily say i have people who will do anything for me if need be and so will I. As you grow up you meet new people and leave some behind but its the bond that you share with the ones you had to part that's important to me. Definitely this group of friends changes as you move places or start a new phase in life. There was a time when i was an quiet introvert person but as i grew i became an opposite of what i was as a kid. But now that i have changed i cannot live without people; those who share the same interests as me, those who know me can look through me, whom i laugh with and share my life with, the past, present and future. I make friends easily but to find the right people is tough. Now that i have moved from new york i still have'nt made any real friends and its takes half the energy out of me. I wonder how dependent i am and how i would survive if i had to live just by myself.
I miss my friends :(


  1. i like this pic of yours.and i think i have told this before as well.

    not commenting much on the post but keep moving. good times wait for you ahead and so do good people.

  2. thank you sukhdeep... i am sure that will happen soon...you have good n bad times... part of life... :)

  3. Oh...thats me in pic...feel honoured... :)

  4. the pic is superb. may i know who clicked it