Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Rang Barse......... Holi Hai

Being from India I have always seen so much color around me in the places, the people, clothes, food name anything. In contrast to scenes going dull, grey and lifeless as the cold descends, much like a haunted movie scene. We even have a festival of colors known as Holi that marks the coming of spring. It’s a time to throw off the gloom of the winter adding more color and life just like in nature spring adds liveliness making life more colorful. The great thing about this festival is it gets people from all backgrounds together everyone is covered in colors much like a color palate; it’s truly a uniting experience.
I went to celebrate holi in Stanford this year which is one of the biggest holi celebrations in the bay area.  Also another incredible thing is that all the funds that are collected go towards education of children. Everyone was dressed in old clothes ready to be sprayed with gulaal (color), ready to be a part of the absolute mayhem. It was a riot of colors, I felt like a chameleon changing colors that changed as the people around me changed. As I stepped into the grounds I was attacked by people and was dyed in bright green which then changed from yellow to purple finally I ended coming home like a red tomato. Everyone looked alike, the colors mixed to form just one color in the end, brown much like mud. There was so much happiness around me; my feet tingled with joy. Everyone was high on music, dancing and jumping on the tunes of Bollywood songs, “rang barse” being the highlight of course. Every expression in the crowd was so honest and the smiles pure, there was just so much positivity and inspiration.
I am just sad that I dint take my camera with me with the fear of destroying it, now i feel i should have. But to share the entire experience this is an article came across that has incredible photographs they reverberate the joy. It’s important to also notice how these pictures would definitely make you smile and make you feel the emotions that were experienced by them.
PS: the only disastrous after effect is my white shirt and socks are pink and shoes went from white to a tone of blue. I don’t care about the clothes but I loved those shoes. 

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