Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i am an architect...

It was only yesterday that I was going through my pictures and organizing them that i realized AS ALWAYS that yet again i have more pictures of buildings than people in my Boston trip. 
Right then I was reminded of my professor who during my under graduate college course told us a story of how he dreamt of buildings than girls, of how he imagined touching walls and looking out of windows, envisioned perfect poetic spaces. When most of his guy friends looked at hot chicks he'd look through them and notice the details on the building behind her and how it stood so perfectly in the brick cladding. It amusing how a person first notices stuff he/she is passionate about. Till date i cant forget how much my dad wanted me to become a dentist and i couldn't see myself anywhere close to being one. And after all his effort trying to convince me and later even bribe me, i finally did become what i wanted to be and pursued my passion. So id say its okay for an architect to know more buildings that people, that's us. 
Just one of my favorite clicks from the Boston trip of a building i admired for its architecture.

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  1. hahaha.. good one.. i'd like to know the name of the teacher.. :).. but its true.. when therez option b/w a hot chick and a beautiful building.. an architect tends to choose the building.. :P.. !!