Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think we as humans have trained ourselves to live in oblivion about the small things like small gestures that matter and sometimes the least expected person can change your day. Like today was a blue day for me so i went out to the city (Manhattan) to get rid of it. I have a fascination of strolling on the streets of big cities, noticing people, the city, architecture, art, the smallest thing that comes my way. 
Like in the past when i was doing my training in San Francisco i use to go around the city on foot in my free times. Its my personal feeling that you can best admire a city this way. The stories of street walks reminds me of those times when i use to get off the BART, not really wanting to after a nice half hour nap. Walking to work was a torture for me but i couldn't keep sitting in the train for eternity no matter how much my heart wanted. Craziness is an inseparable part of me, its better that i warn you in advance because this thought may cross your mind in a minute. My office was a couple of blocks from the stations and just so that i dint get bored while i walk there i use to try to catch up with people also so that i could wake myself up. It was real fun and i was amazed at the capacity of women to walk at that pace in  silhouettes also  that's when i realized you could actually tell the pace of the city by the pace of the people. In the beginning i could never catch up but by the end i was well in pace and so walking in new york wasn't much of a task. 
You can commonly find me on the street walking in my own air and thoughts, smiling away at anything and everything at times. And often i tend to get smiles back. But today i thought of the time that Ive spent in this city and how it never fails to charm me no matter what. This past one and half year was the best time of my life, each phases in life beholds something new and exciting and it keeps adding to your experiences in life.Sigh...
Going back to small gestures. Even in the midst of trials, I absolutely can't deny that my life is so blessed with so many people who love and support me. But yet the most unknown person could be the one who may have done a small thing, that meant the world to you today. I went to have dinner at a vegetarian falafel place, the person on the counter was super courteous and sweet, he seemed to make everyone smile as they left the place. I was a little upset and with me the problem is my face is very expressive, I hate this fact about myself at times. Anyways so just as i left the place and went to the counter to get a bag to pack my stuff he handed me a rose made out of tissue. Just this simple thing and it cheered me, i wasnt upset anymore, i felt nice and happy just because of this one kind and thoughtful gesture!!
Remember, its not the big things that count, but the simple things that do not cost money, like one rose, or a bunch of wild flowers or just a tissue, that could matter. It mattered to me for sure.


  1. i totally agree... its these small things that we remember most and not some grandiose gestures. i will never remember the evening in the subway when an american-african stranger walked up to me and said, "you are beautiful" and then stepped out onto the station...

  2. Oh ya that's happened to me as well. i love Brooklyn for the same reason people are really sweet. Often walking towards my work place in the morning i used to get comments like you have a beautiful smile and when given it on the day when you have a crappy look it can change your day. Another time a really well dressed guy said hey don't take my in a bad way but you are really beautiful. After writing so much i am feeling i may seem a narcissist which um not. :)

  3. So true. I love waltzing around the 34th street
    area taking in the faces, fragrances and
    the goodies the outdoor vendors are pedaling.