Sunday, October 18, 2009

A womans classic line

A womans classic line " nothing to wear".

I am sure every female here has some time or the other been frantically running around in her bedroom half naked with heaps of clothes that belong to the wardrobe lying everywhere except where they belong. And this is because her problem is she has nothing to wear.

A piece of advice to everyone, believe us when we say this as we actually don't have anything or at least that's what we feel then. This is also why we are late at parties or anywhere we are going. Such days happen to us frequently, ranging from a nothing to wear week to a nothing to wear month. But the panic strikes us mostly right before a party and often we resort to instant shopping but waking up next morning with a plethora of options we could have worn the night before.

Oh God i often wonder why don't these options dawn upon us at the time needed. But deep rooted is a happiness of shopping that most girls live for.

I am sure anyone who has been around a woman has always heard this one line and you must have wondered of how many clothes she had, knowing her well. And being a woman i am sure each one of you must have had such days despite clothes oozing out of your wardrobe every time you open the door.

But we all need to swallow this bitter fact that we are girls and will always remain so and me myself being the biggest example of one such person who has "NOTHING TO WEAR".

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  1. I think all the women present in this planet agree to this....and only women have the potential to make a piece of cloth as an object of desire......nd y not ever heard dat guys dress to kill...its just us who are guilty of such crimes......;) Good one ma'am day to day observation presented wid aplomb ;)