Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A year has flown by, seems like yesterday that I was in the central park trying to capture dramatic and evocative images of this time of the year. I had experienced nothing like it before back home, in India. It’s October again, the scenery is a colored palette with hues of reds and yellows.

I got up rather early today morning and I could not go back to sleep. I looked outside the window it stillwas dark and raining lightly but I could still see the red tree in the corner of my building as the street light spread its light onto it. There was a nip in the air mixed with the smell of wet soil that stirred my senses and urged me to go down. I waited a little so it got a little brighter and walked down the lane with an umbrella since it was still drizzling. The droplets of water falling from the leaves, the flowers, the dry leaves on the ground, the red hues, the seeds, the little chirping of birds, the ripples in the water by the droplets of rain every small little thing seemed so much more to me, making me stop about twenty times in a stretch of thirty feet. I was sure people thought I was crazy but I was so caught up in the moment and in a world of my own, seemed so much like Alice in wonderland.

The leaves floated in the atmosphere as the surges of wind blew, bringing them to the ground. Seemed so much like petals of flowers showered onto me by the almighty as he wanted to make me feel happy, loved and most importantly special. The crooked shapes of the branches stood out more in contrast to the bright leaves and sky. Also i realized the best way to appreciate fall foliage is by looking up. When leaves are backlit by the sun their golds and reds looked even brighter than the whole tree at a distance also i could hear the crunching of the leaves as people stepped onto them adding more sensation to the present scene.

But i fear that pleasant sight will soon seem haunted. It's been raining here for what seems to be forever. Soon all that is left dangling the tree branches would be a few of those the plain and sometimes pale leaves of yellows and browns. The branches will stand naked as the wind washes off its envelope. On flip side of things I also feel the season of no color and white landscape has another spectacle to it, rendered by the white snow much like a beauty of black and white picture.

All of it is too wonderful for me. My heart sings when I consider the extent of God's creative ability.

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