Sunday, October 18, 2009

lights+sweets+flowers+colors- thats Diwali

Yay Diwali is here.

The view of diyas and light sparling in every house. The twinkling flames, the beautiful lanterns spreading colored light in hues of red, green and yellow. The flower petals carefully organized in beautiful patterns - "a rangoli" are my favorites. This view of the Indian cities is a spectacle. Its a time everyone is celebrating in ways of their own. Oh i miss this view.

Also since i belong to Amritsar there is one view that is embedded in my memory as the most spectacular view on Diwali and that is of the GOLDEN TEMPLE. This is a time the golden temple is covered with lights and the reflection of the lights in water in the pool is breath taking. I still remember sitting there soaking the atmosphere which was filled with lights, crackers, the chanting of the sacred book and people dressed in beautiful outfits that added bright colors to the entire picture making it just perfect. So i strongly recommend everyone to experience this demonstration if you get a chance and u will remember it for a lifetime.

Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated by almost every Indian though for different reasons in every religion.

So here are some wishes that go out to the world.

For happiness. Good health. For smiles. For wisdom. For kindness. For faith. For giving. For reflection. For time. For life. And for living.

Happy Diwali people.

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