Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the stopover

Frenetic, uplifting, slightly manic, adrenaline rush-inspiring, eclectic, electric, breathtaking, historic. … Just the kind of cities I like. From the minute I stepped onto this foreign land everything seemed strangely familiar. When I heard some one mention it as “the New York of Asia”, it all made perfect sense now. 

New York and Hong Kong both a metropolis, but they exemplify the old adage “east meets west.” The biggest difference I felt was the people in the city, where New York is so diverse and live in an air of their own, Hong Kong a country of 7 billion people is almost an army of silent, pleasant, smiling robots.

Hong Kong’s population density is paramount compared to The Big Apple. It’s not the densest city in Asia, because India has everyone beat. Only part of Hong Kong is developed, the rest has green pristine lush rolling green hills which form a beautiful backdrop to the skyscrapers.

The thing I absolutely loved about New York subways was they were a plethora of diversities in people, cultures, actions and stories, for me I saw it as a great inspiration for artists. Without second thought i would say New York City reigns champion for cultural diversity. As for the Hong Kong subways, most of the people were Asians of course, because 95% of Hong Kong is Chinese and the other 5% are mostly transplants from somewhere in Asia. Anyone else was rightly a foreigner.

But I must say being the first trip I made all by my sensory overload and immense crowds. It turned out to be the perfect place for a stopover – easy transportation from the airport and around the city, signs in English, 100 percent safe, kind and helpful people and lots to do. Because of the shortage of time I couldn’t really see everything possible but I felt the pulse of the city and would love to revisit it again. I definitely missed the great food I’ve heard about and will make it a point to know where I should go for good food next time.

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