Monday, August 8, 2011

Carpe diem

A realization just came to me that we the youth today are over occupied by our gadgetry that surrounds us. The plethora of thoughts in our head make so many precious moments pass unnoticed. The last one and a half year flew by and now i look back and regret the lost time so i promised my self to cheerish every moment and sieze the day.

Little children and the elderly possess the gift of completely immersing themselves in the present moment — they can be perfectly aligned with the Here and Now, which renders them an integral part of their natural surroundings and activities. And nothing less than that can make a great picture. Often, seeing into their eyes, you feel you almost meet their souls.


  1. hi... nice the meet you...

    guess what..

    i... i had to drop out of school and didn't get to study... i don't have much education......

    since i'm not educated i should at least learn somekind of technique but i don't know how to do anything...

    since i can't do anything i dont have any job...

    my parents are ill... my contry needs money too, but becasue i'm a uneducated person who doesnt know how to do anything, i can't even get a job..........

    i have no hope....


    excuse me
    What did you do on Christmas day in 2010 and on Jan. 1st, 2011?
    I ate out on Christmas day. What about you?
    Did you take part in the New Year's celebration at Time Square on Jan. 1st?

  2. Hi. I am sorry to hear about your situation. I can't really help you much. But I will say that it's the change in your attitude that can bring a change in your situation and bring hope in your life. Also education and technique are not the only things that get people jobs, there are so many small jobs that can still be done. I wish I could help you change your perception to life. And I think that will be the end of some of your misery .

    Believe in yourself. Good luck.