Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Freedom, something so subjective, it means different things to different individuals. People are often a prisoner of their inner-self, others are restricted by outside factors, there can be just innumerable reasons for not feeling free.

As we drove the other day we came across these cows that were grazing in the field. They had little number tags on their ears and the grazing grounds were restrained by the barbed wire. They looked at us so helplessly i was saddened i remembered those birds that i once saw that had anklets to their feet since they belonged to someone. There are countless reasons of feeling enclosed and trapped and everyone of them wishes just if they were free.
I wonder too i had wings, just if  could fly away at times, go to that distant link to my homeland, ust If I could this one time.

So cherish your freedom because remember there are many who just wish they could.

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