Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Hugs

Its amazing how small actions can brings immense calm and joy. Just like it was the one thing that he/she needed for everything to be set things right, a remedy for all the upside down, just like its the key to everything to unlock all the happiness of the moment and to set you free. Just like your ready to fly just one more time.

Its amazing to think about how different hugs could be.
Think of how you felt after you just cried and someone hugged you
How you felt when you're father or mother hugged you? 
Remember your best friends hug?
And how about when your girlfriend or boyfriend hugs you? 
The hug which you gave someone when you were parting with, or the one when you met someone after a long time?
The hug that you gave a dear one who lost something or someone or the hug that was given to someone who achieved something?
remember that one hug when you just dint want to let go forever and ever?

A hug can be the best remedy to soothe someone from their pain and to comfort someone to tell them your there for them. I am not too good with words, i mess up in expressing myself but its this expression that never goes wrong, it speaks louder than words. Hug someone tightly with you eyes closed and with a smile and see your world transform and the best thing is you never give one without getting one. 

It just this one hug that i wanted to give to someone dear and that one hug i longed for recently. So its important that you express yourself because at times when your not close to someone and your not good with words and silence is all your left with. So hug your dear ones whenever you get a chance be it with a reason or without one. 

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