Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Appreciate life

I realized this past weekend of how different i was from so many people out there and how i was saddened  at the plight of their situation and how much i wanted to escape. I never thought there could be people who dint appreciate their surroundings.

For the most part, I would say that some people don’t notice the world around them – they don’t notice beauty or really anything else. I wonder how many people who passed even remember, ten minutes later, that there was a painter or a musician on their way.

This weekend was just the most beautiful bright summer weekend; as i walked through the streets of a small town called carmel i was enchanted by my surroundings. It was a place where art was all around, the character of the architecture, the flowers in the windows, the wrought iron windy windows details and every small thing took my eye. And more so the sun peaking through the trees against the fabulous blue skies made everything a perfect painting.

I am saddened that people didn’t appreciate the sounds of the music or the talent and the beauty… and it doesn’t surprise me as people don’t see the glint of the sun off the spider Webb or the magic of a rain drop or take time to see the stars or delight in the magic of a smile… aspects of beauty that are a part of our every day lives are jsut overly consumed in their lifes. Lifes that they might think is perfect but might be truely worthless.

For all those who dont know how to live life... I am saddened at what they are missing.
Thank You God for making me the blessed one.  I think its because i have always been with people who are connoisseurs of beauty.

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