Monday, June 28, 2010

40 and fabulous... pride parade

Rightly touted for its exuberance and wildness it’s an event that relates to peoples flesh and hearts, partners and passions. Tens of thousands of people came together on this day to celebrate this pride. It was a mix of all kind of people, young, old all alike having just one commonalty all of them were here to witness and be a part of the craziness. It was certainly a mixed bunch of hot gay guys and girls, of gay grandparents, people with small/medium bottoms, of multicolored stripes everywhere, of fishnets and how can you forget the ones who had totally forgotten their costumes altogether. It’s certainly a very interesting place with people all in their own air, high on energy, happiness and certainly alcohol.

I got a chance to attend this event and certainly was one of my favorite events that happen in San Francisco. In the spirit of gay pride I did wear some colors though unaware of the consequences. After two awkward incidents I definitely got rid of it as I had my share of weirdness and nervousness, certainly it’s not a place id want to be again for sure. I think the whole point was to celebrate being oneself, to shout out loud “This is me!” It’s definitely a fun event and I was almost overwhelmed and fascinated by the surrounding events.

I love SFPride. It's a glorious annual rite in a gorgeous city.

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