Saturday, December 12, 2009


As my new college life started my first project dealt with fashion design, that was my first step into the creation of something that wasn't conventional, unlike the suits and Indian costumes that i designed for myself. Recently Ive been watching a lot of project runway which was an idea and that was the point i started experimenting.

The one below is something that i designed for the donating to the uniform project and they accepted it, which makes me happy as i in a way get to make a contribution to the Nobel cause.


And the one below was an experiment of recycling material and it turned to be sheik. And i guess i have plans of reproduction of necklines on similar lines.


  1. Excellent. I just noticed the above neck
    piece on sheena and I adore the look.

    I dabble in jewelry design and find project
    runway to be inspiring. Once I watch an
    entire marathon of project and ended up
    making five pieces of jewelry.

  2. Thank you so much.
    I think we definitely share common interests... I am affected on similar lines after an episode of project runaway.