Saturday, September 12, 2009


My first blog entry dedicated to my childhood love whose presence during the nitty gritties of life has made my feelings for it die hard. "Meri pyaari phantom cigarette”.

My fascination for this brand of smoke is very deep rooted. I remember smoking it in my college days. Oh I remember those days as it were yesterday, when one smoke would be enough to relieve all stress, as if the smoke took away all the fears and the burning tip would incinerate every evil. Those were the unforgettable days.
But today in the era of Mars and ferrero rochers and zillion other options Phantom is losing its identity and cannot be found ordinarily in the market. As for me my want for them makes me know exactly where I can find one.

Staying with a graphic designer I guess she would have a lot to critic upon on the packaging, I am sure she would say”god there cannot be anything worse”. But there is a nostalgia associated to it that drives you to those times of life when u were unaware of anything, where all u were bothered about were little things like phantom and picnic. Those were the times that everyone wants to relive and phantom helps you relive and re smoke a part of your childhood. The only cigarette sticks whose sweetness gives you a taste of childhood. Have a fag and u won’t forget it forever.

Everyone has their own favorite smokes but my all time favorite “phantom”. I will never forget you my dear phantom cigarette or “Phantom sugarettes” as my friend calls them.

PS.: one consequence of this smoke - diabetes.

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